Our Commercial Services are listed below. We offer a wide range of products and services, for additional details, please call (318) 221-1090.

Background Music & Loud Speakers

Music relaxes visitors and creates a more pleasurable workspace and environment. High quality sound, broad coverage with fewer speakers, and more...We can provide solutions for office buildings, restaurants, bars/ nightclubs, hotel lobbies, courtrooms, retail and grocery stores, warehouses, airports and transportation centers, casinos, shopping areas/ food courts, stadiums, and outdoor applications requiring weatherproof speakers.

  • Anywhere full range music and voice in a compact omnidirectional speaker is required
  • Low-ceiling applications where clear voice announcements and full range music are required
  • Anywhere background music and articulate voice announcements are required

Security Cameras

Safeguard your business with a security system. We provide a range of camera options for varying needs.

Magnetic Door Locks

Computer Networks

Make your business for efficient. Share connections, equipment, and files. Your office will be more productive with a network.

Conference Rooms

Make a visual impression with a state-of-the-art conference room.

In-wall Speaker Systems

For music or intercom, an in-wall speaker system is effective and eye pleasing. Systems can be easily installed in an existing building.

Structured Wiring

Installing advanced wiring is one of the wisest and most economical improvements you can make. An infrastructure to support voice, video, audio and data services delivers immediate benefits for today's technology. It also prepares a facility for future products and services.

Surge Protection

Protect your equipment and environment with surge protection equipment. Every year companies loose countless dollars on equipment because they were not prepared for an electrical surge.

Acoustical Sound Proofing

One critical component often overlooked is room acoustics. Even the finest audio components do not perform properly in a room suffering from flutter echoes, harsh reflections and low frequency anomalies. We offer sound isolation products designed to deaden noise and isolate the sound source to the area where it originates. We can provide innovative sound control solutions for:

  • Commercial conference rooms and offices
  • School libraries, music rooms, gymnasiums and auditoriums
  • Houses of worship sanctuaries, offices and multi-purpose rooms